Monday, January 3, 2011

A World First...

In 20 days, I have 24 hours to kill in Singapore. Which is fine. But what's a girl to do all on her own in Singapore? Well, earlier this year, I remembered reading about 'The Helix Bridge', the world's first curved double helix bridge. Looks good right...?

....Right! The 280 metre pedestrian bridge was designed by the Australian, 'Cox Rayner Architects' and closes the loop on a 3.5 kilometer pedestrian path around the Marina Bay development in Singapore.
Just briefly, the bridge appears to respond excellently to it's setting and context, in terms of the curved plan of the bridge, the canopy for shade and shelter in the tropical climate, the DNA molecule form and structure, which offers connotations of sustainability and the cantilevered viewing 'pods', extending onto the bayside for watersports viewing. How quaint.
And did I mention it's made of stainless steel? Well thats about all I can say about it, without having seen it. But, as I like a good design, seeped in strong, contextually related concept, this bridge is definatley worthy of my time. 


  1. wow! how inspiring, what an amazing place!



    The Flower Girl

  2. Wow only 20 days till you are in Australia. Woo Woo!