Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stupidity is not a crime...

...But whoever gave the go ahead for the '163 PRS/Oliver's Place' office building in Preston (North West England), should be locked up. UK based, Moron Architects, errrr I meant 'Moxon Architects' were granted planning permission for this 40,000 square foot office building...

....Pretty ugly right? Right! The exterior is dominated by ‘an array of anodized aluminium fins suspended from tensile rods’, which look not only ridiculous, but really really unwelcoming. If you're not familiar with Preston, then let me fill you in. The place is a hole, the best way to see it is in your rearview mirror so putting up a building like this is going to do very little to enhance the overall aesthetics. It resembles a hedgehog and no one interacts with hedgehogs, do they?
The planning permission was granted in 2009 and Im unsure as to how much progress has been made, but lets just hope Preston ends up with a building to be proud of. Anychance.

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