Monday, January 10, 2011

Denis Darzacq: The best thing to come out of France since...

....Frogs legs. Just joking, I meant wine. But back to Denis Darzacq, the Paris-based photographer. Id be lying if I said I was familiar with his work as I only just heard of him yesterday, but what I have seen between then and now has fulfilled my one dimensional need of finding something new that interests me on a daily basis. Two of his series in particular caught my eye, "La Chute" (that's "The Fall" to you non French speakers) and "Hyper".

"La Chute"

Inspired by both the bodies of people falling from the World Trade Centres on 11/11 as the subjects of the series and the housing estates in the 2005 French Riots on the outskirts of Paris as the location, Darzacq has captured images of a free falling generation, with no one to catch them. Or at least thats what I get from the photographs, which prompt many questions, but hold no answers. But what do I like about the them? Well, firstly, Darzacq has not romantacised Paris. Secondly, the indifference of the subjects to their situation. Is it that they don't care or is that they aren't aware of whatis happening, or about to happen? I also like the contradiction between the energy of the subjects and the sleepy ignorance of their surroundings, bordered up and oblivious to the truth that something big is about to happen, because essentially, these people aren't going to bounce. And thirdly, I like the fact that no one will know what happens next, which leaves the phootographs open to endless intepretation and speculation.


This series follows a similar path to "La Chute" and is concerned with the biary between being and having. Unlike the subjects falling towards the ground of "La Chute", there is a sence of gravity defiance in these shots, with the subjects appearing to break free of a hold on them. Theres also a sense of effortlessness that belittles the actual amount of exertion that would have gone into creating the images. My favourite images are the two guys hanging out by the perishables. Im not sure why, but I just like their mindless yet subliminal response to the mindlessness of mass production and consumption....and the well stacked shelves. Thats a supermarket to be proud of.
But the best thing about these photographs? They are completley untouched by the hand of God. And by God I mean photoshop.

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