Wednesday, December 29, 2010

England says 'Heck NOOOOO'....

'Cheese flavour Kit Kat? Anyone....Anyone? '
Recently a guy I work with went to Japan and upon his return I was laden with a couple of boxes of cheese flavour Kit Kats. Yes. Cheese flavour Kit Kats. So, being the good samaritan that I have the tendencies to be, I shared them round the table at lunch time.
The Kit Kats were flavoured with Gouda cheese. I like Gouda. But Gouda flavour Kit Kats? Not so much. Before even eating them, you have to put up a fight with the smell, which was bad, really bad. They are made with white chocolate and infused with the cheese flavour and the combination  is a crime against humanity (Except in cheesecake). The white chocolate is too sweet for the cheese and the result was 7 piles of spat out Kit Kat in the middle of the lunch table.

Why , Japan?

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