Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awesome Pawson...

The Design Museum in London is currently holding presenting an exhibition on John Pawson called 'Plain Space'. Pawson, a British architect, is often labelled a 'minimalist' and has worked in a variety of scales beyond that of architecture, including furniture, glass, ceramics and cutlery. The exhibition celebrates his work from the 1980's to present day and uses a range of media such as models, photographs, film, sketches, interviews and also a 1:1 scale site-specific space designed by Pawson to offer a direct and immersive experience of his work.

Photos: Marco Zanta

I entered the exhibition with a fresh eye, as I wasn't too familiar with Pawson's work. The space itself, was indicative of Pawson's style, clean and elegant, simplisticly displaying such a comprehensive body of work. Highlights of the exhibition were the study models, particularly the 'Pawson House, London' and the 'Sackler Crossing, Royal Botanic Gardens, London', which were two good lookin designs.
I think that Pawson's 'minimalist' style is beautiful, his work is dramatic, I loved exploring the designs through the various media and despite not being the biggest fan of such intense 'minimalism' I was intrigued by how functional his work was. Would I want to live in one of his designs? no...I like stuff, lots of stuff around me, but I could look at his designs all day. 
And finally, as an architcture student, mid architecture studies, the thing that intrigued me the most about this rather successful guy - he didn't even finish his architectural studies. What a hero.

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